Thursday, June 03, 2004

Tenet's Resignation: Upon further review

This is from Knut Wicksell in the comments section on The Daily Kos:

I think it's the Plame Grand Jury that is driving this, though there are lots of valid reasons why Tenet would want to leave and why other people in the administration would want to see him out. A plausible scenario is that under oath Tenet told the Grand Jury who the leaker was -- he ought to know -- it's his agent who was outed. That name is high enough to implicate Bush -- it could be the Presnit himself or someone close enough to make his knowing plausible. If he knew, he is indictable under the current law. Tenet would have told the President what he told the Grand Jury. Pres hires lawyer. Tenet gets out of town before the roof falls in. This seems to me to be a parsimonious conjecture.

This makes sense, particularly after Bush sought legal counsel yesterday.

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