Friday, June 18, 2004

Interesting VP Choice

The sleeper pick for the democratic VP slot has emerged.

Reasons why our man could be #2:

  • He has the voice of reason in an increasingly fractious society

  • His love for his country is only surpassed by his love for his sports teams

  • His posting frequency will only increase with his move to Washington

  • He has strong opinions as to why a Gephardt selection would be the death-knell of Kerry's chances

  • He won't back down from big media or big bloggers

  • He's not afraid to promote himself for positions of importance

  • He won't be afraid to take a sock full of nickels to "pacemaker boy" after the first debate

  • His fantasy baseball team is named after the species of Myron on the Brady Bunch

  • He's seen a lot of West Wing, so he has intimate political knowledge. (But won't be seeing season one on DVD anytime soon.)

  • And finally, his last name rhymes with the presumptive Democratic nominee's

  • That's right, were talking about the everyman:

    Keith Berry!

    Write your newspapers. Call Air America. Let's get this growing buzz raging at a fever pitch.

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