Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Disney's Response to 'F911'

Disney will release America's Heart and Soul on Friday in an attempt to counteract the overwhelming attention of Fahrenheit 911:

..."This unusual [Disney] film was inspirational," said Howard Kaloogian, chairman of Move America Forward, which has spearheaded a boycotting campaign of Fahrenheit 9/11 after attending a special screening of the film on Monday.

"It was an amazing set of vignettes of stories of different Americans and their pursuit of passion. Each individual was able to explore their passion because of the freedom this country has given us/"...


But Disney executives said that the release of the new film on Friday - a week after the release of Fahrenheit 9/11 - was simply co-incidental.

Coincidental my ass. The guy from Move America Forward (quoted above) was responsible for pressuring theatres not to show Michael Moore's film.

Disney Chief Michael Eisner is trying to save his job. Good luck toolbox!

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