Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Apparently Bush DOES Wear An Earpiece

From today's Media Channel blog.

Ever see the movie Broadcast News? Exactly.

Thinking of the Supreme Commander GWB, I am reminded of an incident last Saturday when he was praising French President Chirac. I was watching CNN when all of a sudden, I heard another voice speaking Bush's pre-scripted lines before he did. That's right---the other voice would be heard BEFORE Bush's voice. What was that?

I thought at the time that that may have been done to give translators a head start on the President's words. Later, I had a call from a reader in Germany who told me she heard the same thing on CNN International including that same voice telling Bush what journalists to call on before he did. We have never heard that before. She asked: "Is someone controlling the president like a ventriloquist"?

It reminded me of a trick that some TV correspondents use for their on camera standups. They pre-record their standups for playback in their ears, and then turn to the camera in a way that you can't see the ear plug. They then play the tape and mouth their own words a long a few seconds later. It takes practice to be able to repeat the words but it makes for a smoother delivery without having to read. If I am right this means that this technique is used by the President to give his speeches the appearance of spontaneity, especially if he can't remember his own words. In this case, CNN picked up this audio track, perhaps because it was on a radio mic.

Fox News this morning reported uncritically on speculation that Dick Cheney may be replaced on the Republican ticket by "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani, a move they saw as perfect as an attention getting device in the upcoming speculation. Their related rumor is that Cheney will go to the CIA to replace George Tenet.

Interesting part at the end about Cheney being done and moving to Tenet's post. I still think the October surprise will be the "discovery" of WMDs in Iraq. Planted, of course.

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