Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tom Delay Equates Israel's Fight With Our Fight


WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Monday the war in Iraq and Israel's battle against Palestinian terrorists are two fronts in the same global conflict, 'and we will win it.'

'The survival of Israel is essential to America's victory in the war on terror, and America's victory in the war on terror is essential to Israel's survival,' the Texas Republican told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

'We will never leave their side.'


DeLay also challenged Sharon's critics and Bush's.

"We are told Israel's decision to target leaders of those terrorist organizations that target her citizens only puts the Israeli people at greater risk," he said.

"We are told the war on terror -- whether waged by the United States and our coalition of the willing or by the people of Israel -- was a mistake, is a quagmire and will be a regret.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are told ... wrongly."

Who wants the Jewish vote? Or perhaps the better question is: Who needs the Jewish vote? These guys are getting desperate. Failing international support, failing domestic policies & several brewing scandals will leave the GOP grasping for anything. Including politicization of our wars.

To me, Delay's statements confirm what the administration has been denying all along. Our war on terror when joined (by Delay) with Israel's battle with Palestine is a war on Islam. Scary but predictable, unfortunately.

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