Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sanchez: Perjurer?

1. A soldier is accused of torturing an Iraqi prisoner.
2. General Ricardo Sanchez testifies (under oath) that he was unaware of the abuses at Abu Gharib prison.
3. In preparation for a trial, his lawyer says that General Ricardo Sanchez was present at Abu Gharib prison during a torture session.
4. The Pentagon denies the charge.
5. The Pentagon will replace Sanchez with a yet to be named military official.
6. Rumsfeld is, "...is very mindful that the perception (of punishment) might arise. But it simply is not the case."
7. One, Two, Three: Everybody lie!!!

Ah yes, the "perception" of punishment. Perception is something our government is working very hard at right now.

Rummy should be canned, although my blogging might suffer. But I'm willing to pay that price.

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