Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Rep. Wexler Filing Federal Suit Over E-Voting in FL

Florida is the place that most needs to have a ban on the electronic voting machines:

FORT LAUDERDALE -- U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler's federal lawsuit over touch-screen voting machines is helping foster doubts about the upcoming election and is shaking people's faith in the new voting machines, attorneys for Florida elections officials told a judge Monday.


Wexler's attorneys argued that the elections officials were more interested in protecting the reputations of the multimillion-dollar equipment rather than looking out for voters.

Jeff Liggio, one of Wexler's attorneys, said state law allows for manual recounts, but there is no way to manually recount votes cast on touch-screen machines.

"The reason the statutes mandate a recount is to try to determine intent," Liggio said. "You don't have that [with touch-screen machines]."

Little Jebby Bush is rubbing his rabbit's foot now. If that doesn't work he'll turn to Daddy and brother.

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