Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Question From Monday's Gaggle


Question: About a year ago, April 24th, last year, the President went to Canton, Ohio. He went to the Timken Company. I don't know if you remember the trip, I wasn't on it. He went to a bearings factory, part of the Timken Company, touted his economic plans and talked about jobs and growth. Timken announced today that they're shutting down that plant that the President visited a year ago. I just wonder if that's ironic, that the President touted his economic strategy, doesn't appear to be working?

I've noticed enthusiasm (one glaring example here) across the blogosphere after this became news. I realize the happiness is for the irony of the situation and how it portrays Bush's (failing) policies in a negative light. But, I think some of the ways bloggers are greeting this news is inappropriate.

Yes, Bush made a speech on the strength of his economic policy at a company that has since shut down. But when 1,300 people lose their jobs in a state where it is happening all too frequently, it's not a reason for celebration.

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