Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Int'l Red Cross: No One Above International Law

I posted on this before, detailing George Bush's asking of various countries to waive their right to press charges against US soldiers in an international court of law. This is especially important in light of the prison torture scandal that has created widespread attention around the world.

Now the ICRC is saying that won't fly:

...In order to tackle violations of international humanitarian law committed in armed conflicts, simply paying lip service to the protection of human life and dignity is not enough.

It is possible to achieve a balance between the two, the article said. One can control a territory while respecting its population, and one can detain those threatening public order while respecting their physical and spiritual integrity and without degrading or humiliating them...

In all seriousness, if we worked really hard would it be possible to alienate the international community more than we already have?

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