Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Health Savings Accounts

Thanks to David Sirota for digging up this:


"We've passed what's called Health Savings Accounts...It's a good way to help control costs."
– President Bush, 5/25/04


"Sharply higher health insurance deductibles may hit workers in the next two years as employers embrace newly created tax-free Health Savings Accounts...widespread adoption of the plans could drive up the annual deductible paid by workers.”

– USA Today, 4/25/04

It's funny the way the President just throws out these statements. It's almost like, "I'm saying this. I'm the President. Don't question me. It's true." He's probably given a list of talking points for the week, no more than three or four points per policy/topic. He then just regurgitates them from memory. He's given the mantra and he chants it at every opportunity.

That's the way his press conferences are too. Karl will tell him, "...stick with what you know." So he'll answer the questions he wants and nothing more.

Do you think he could explain the Health Savings Accounts?

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