Saturday, May 29, 2004

CNN Sues FL for the Right to See Voter Rolls

Greg Palast has done tireless work to bring the story of Katherine Harris and the Florida voter-purge debacle of 2000 to the world. It was given little attention in the States when Al Gore was robbed. But recently, thankfully, the story is making a comeback. This article in The Nation a couple of weeks ago reminded people that the problem is still very much in existence and may have actually spread to other states.

CNN has just sued the State of Florida for the right to see their list of purged voters:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As Florida county election boards review a list of thousands of potentially ineligible voters -- including some who may be felons -- CNN is suing the state, claiming the public and media should also be able to review the list.

The move comes four years after the state's voter rolls were at the center of one of the closest elections in U.S. history.

The state Monday denied a CNN request for a copy of the list of up to 48,000 people. These people, according to the state, could be ineligible to vote because they are felons or have multiple registrations -- or have died since the last election...

Here's hoping that this brings illegal voter purges to the forefront of the media landscape and helps to bring attention to the other potential problems with electronic voting machines & Diebold.

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