Friday, May 21, 2004

Chalabi Shares State Secrets

Lesley Stahl reported tonight on CBS News that Ahmad Chalabi was given classified information that only a "handful" of U.S. government officials had. He allegedly passed this information along to Iran, while the U.S. was paying him over $300,000 monthly:

...On Friday, Stahl reported that senior intelligence officials stress the information Ahmad Chalibi is alleged to have passed on to Iran is of such a seriously sensitive nature, the result of full disclosure could be highly damaging to U.S. security. The information involves secrets that were held by only a handful of very senior U.S. officials, says Stahl...

Is this absolutely fucking absurd? How can you give a convicted criminal access to any sensitive intelligence, let alone the highest of classified information? Sure, they raided his house. So what.

We got played by a diplomatic double agent. I'm sure Iran rewarded him handsomely for the information too. How can we be safe when the neo-cons will give away anything to anyone in order to achieve their agenda.

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