Sunday, May 23, 2004

Bush Keeps Interrogation Rules Classified

How is the Senate Armed Services Committee supposed to do their job if the deck is stacked and they don't know it?

The Bush administration is doing its best to keep secret the policies it has developed for handling foreign prisoners and to stifle congressional examination of the issue. Rules for the interrogation of detainees used to be published in widely available Army manuals. But the Bush administration has classified the procedures it has approved for the Guantanamo Bay prison, Afghanistan and Iraq -- even though it claims that all are in compliance with the Geneva Conventions. It has been slow to release the procedures even to the Senate Armed Services Committee, which is leading the way in investigating the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The Pentagon still has not met the committee's request for the legal memos that supposedly justify such techniques as hooding, putting prisoners in stress positions, sleep and dietary deprivation and intimidation by dogs...

At this rate, the Bush Administration will have the left, right and everyone in between alienated by July 4th. Happy Birthday America!

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