Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Response

For those just joining us: On Friday I found a column entitled False Accusations Against the President Should be a Felony written by Kaye Grogan of Virginia. The link to the entire article and some questions I asked her are directly below this post.

It was surprising to find a response email from Ms. Grogan less than three hours after I sent it. Here it is:

First of all Brad, (if I may address you by your first name), President
Clinton admitted to the shall we say...unpresidential
conduct in the Oval office in the White House.  Plus, there are records and
sanctions to prove this to be the case.  There is no concrete proof
President Bush went AWOL from the National Guard service during his tenure.
There is no proof. . . the president knew in advance of a 9/11 attack, by
the al-Qaida terrorists, before the fact.  Taking rumors and slinging them
on the wall, to see if any might stick, is totally destructive to our
society. It could even be considered childlike if the practice weren't so
dangerous to our democracy.

As for Al Gore winning the popular vote in 2000. . . this could be debated
alone for years.  When you take away the reported dead people, pets, and
illegal voters who probably voted, this number would and could drop

We are all in this together.  Whether one is a liberal, conservative,
Democrat, Republican or something else, does not matter to terrorists. When
those two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers and into the
Pentagon, there were people of all nationalities, religions, and party
affiliations.  My point?  It doesn't matter to terrorists who they kill.

I appreciate your taking the time to read my article.  And whether I agree
or disagree with your comments. . . I believe you have the right to express
your opinion. 

Wholly disappointing. This woman is what the right wing press is all about. All bluster and no substance. I like the way we she says I believe you have the right to express your opinion and yet her article is completely opposite of that point of view. And no, I don't think she's mentally challeged.

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