Friday, April 09, 2004

Kaye Grogan is at it again!

You'll remember a week ago that I critiqued an article by right wing zealot Grogan. She responded to my original post with more blather.

She has just posted another article. This one; Rupert Murdoch Leaves Liberal News Media Outfoxed crashes through the wall of foolishness into the anteroom of ignorance. Please try and force yourself to read the entire thing.

Here are selected portions of her article with more questions for Ms. Grogan:

News media mogul Rupert Murdoch has made a wise decision to back President Bush’s re-election. Democrats Senator Zell Miller of Georgia and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, have also come out in support of the president and are joining forces with the Bush camp. President Bush has shown he has what it takes to stay the course in Iraq. No one likes war, but there will be wars and rumors of war, until the world ends, and nobody has the power to stop the inevitable.

Mr. Murdoch’s Fox News channel has given the American people a reprieve from biased,liberal news channels: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, by introducing the "fair and balanced" approach. He struck oil when he realized the majority of the American people were sick of the one-sided "in your face" attitude of the aforementioned news entities. And they wonder why their ratings have toppled? Still and yet, they keep right on trying to "brainwash" what few viewers they have left...

Murdoch endorsed Bush? I sure hope so, because he's given the RNC $2 million through his various holdings under News Corp. since 2000. Of course this is a one-hand-washes-the-other relationship as FOX News is the mouthpiece for the Administration and this, in turn, gives News Corp. regulatory advantages in Washington D.C. The approval of the DirecTV deal is a perfect example of money buying influence. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is in Murdoch's pocket.

FOX News "fair and balanced." By this do you mean having viewers who are completely misinformed? That's what happens when you push only ONE SIDE of the story. You get ignorant people.

The fact that FOX has any ratings at all is an ominous sign for the future of our country.

Please Kaye, tell me what makes CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC liberal.

...Poor Bob Novak of CNN’s Capital Gang, looks like the lone ranger on most of the shows, when Kate O’Beirne the only other regular conservative is not present....

Poor Bob Novak? Do you feel sorry for Bob Novak for revealing the name of an undercover CIA agent? How about insinuating Richard Clarke was a racist after serving for 30 years under Reagan, Bush & Bush?

...I agree with Mr. Murdoch, 9/11 forever changed the course of America. We must continue to seek out the terrorists who wish to harm the citizens of our country. One can’t help but wonder what happened to the terrorists and their whereabouts, who were lucky enough to receive full pardons from prison, for their horrendous crimes of terrorism, by President Bill Clinton before he left office. What kind of message did this perhaps send to other criminals? How about. . . sometimes it does pay off to commit crimes? Sure did in this particular case.

What particular case? Kaye, you are asserting that Clinton released terrorists before he left office. I anxiously await your proof of that assertion (it has nothing to do with Clinton's penis.) After you comb the archives of Big Pharma let me know what you find.

Kaye, what about your boy? Let's hope the Bush Administration releases the necessary records so that the only person arrested in conncetion with 9/11 doesn't go free, again.

Again, the title of the story has nothing to do with the content. I'm sensing a theme here...

I'll contact her again and see if she responds.

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