Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Karl Rove Will Stop at Nothing to get Bush Re-elected

This article by Nicholas Lemann from the 5/12/03 issue of the New Yorker provides some background on the Senior White House Advisor:

...Other Republican consultants in Texas often found themselves in conflict with Rove. An oft-told story involved Rove and a Republican consultant named John Weaver. At one time, Rove and Weaver were so close that they planned to go into business together. Then the plans were dropped, and shortly afterward Rove called Weaver in and accused him of a personal misdeed. Lots of people in Texas heard the story-thanks to Rove, it seemed. The bitterness between the Bush and the John McCain campaigns during the 2000 Republican primary season was in part a continuation of that feud, since Weaver played the same role in McCain's campaign that Rove played in Bush´s. After Bush had been badly beaten by McCain in the New Hampshire primary and his campaign moved on to South Carolina, its back against the wall, the McCain people thought they were seeing the Mark of Rove when scurrilous material started circulating-dark suggestions that McCain had committed treason while a prisoner of war, and had fathered a child by a black prostitute. But there were no fingerprints, Bush won the primary, and that was the end of the McCain campaign...

It's a long article, but if you didn't see it last year, it's worth the effort.

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