Sunday, April 25, 2004

FUBAR has a website!

I didn't realize the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority had a website.

From the homepage:

"You could take the path which leads to a new Iraq, a peaceful, democratic Iraq, an Iraq of political freedom and economic opportunity, an Iraq where the majority is not Sunni, Shia, Arab, Kurd or Turcoman, but Iraqi. This is the path to a bright and hopeful future.   Or you could take the path which leads to the dark Iraq of the past where violence and fear rule, where power comes from a gun, and where only the powerful and ruthless are secure."

With these words, Amb. Paul Bremer offered the Iraqi people the essential choice.  In a speech delivered on April 23rd, he told the people of Iraq that the choice was theirs to make.  On June 30th, Iraqis will be fully sovereign over their nation and the choice will be theirs to make.

Propaganda extraordinaire.

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