Thursday, April 22, 2004

Earth Day

Our President has a habit of bowing to big business at the expense of the environment and our natural resources. Here's a list of his 2004 "accomplishments", to date. Courtesy of the National Resources Defense Council:

Bush budget cuts lead poisoning prevention funding (04/11/04)

White House altered scientific findings on mercury threat (04/07/04)

Pentagon again seeking immunity from environmental laws (04/06/04)

Investigator resigns in protest over Interior's cheating Native Americans out of energy royalties (04/06/04)

Mining company gets price break on federal land (04/02/04)

Court orders Energy Department to release more Cheney task force records (03/31/04)

EPA chief Leavitt failing to lay down the law (03/31/04)

Yellowstone bison slaughtered to please ranchers (03/31/04)

EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)

EPA uses utility company memos to craft controversial mercury policy (03/30/04)

Interior Dept. defends loosening of ESA import ban (03/29/04)

Montreal Protocol shirked for U.S. pesticide interests (03/26/04)

Army Corps bends to pressure on Missouri River (03/26/04)

More drilling slated for Padre Island (02/27/04)

DOE holds nuke cleanup funds hostage (02/26/04)

More industry materials borrowed by EPA for its mercury rule (02/26/04)

Missouri River management plan ignores fish protections (02/26/04)

Fish and Wildlife Service gives sucker fish a break (02/25/04)

Bush cuts funding for endangered species (02/25/04)

Federal mining whistleblower silenced, demoted (02/24/04)

Get the lead out: EPA fails to protect D.C. drinking water (02/23/04)

EPA's mercury pollution plan mirrors industry's recommendations (01/30/04)

Bush administration leaves nuclear plant safety up to contractors (01/29/04)

Energy Department promoting carbon sequestration (01/27/04)

White House wants to let EPA ignore pesticide consultations (01/27/04)

EPA touts new, cleaner cars (01/26/04)

White House offers small funding boost for Northwest salmon recovery (01/26/04)

Forest Service to boost logging in Appalachian forests (01/23/04)

Forest Service drops "survey and manage" rule for loggers (01/23/04)

Links for all of these atrocities at the NRDC web site.

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