Saturday, April 10, 2004

Bush's Low Profile Questioned as Violence Flares in Iraq

The Washington Post has this article today on the problems facing the CPA in Iraq and why the President has decided to stay in Crawford when Americans are being killed or kidnapped in Fallujah and Baghdad:

..."If it were I in charge over there, I would have him out early next week to explain this whole thing," said a Republican strategist close to the Bush team who demanded anonymity as a condition of speaking freely about the administration. "He should restate what we're doing over there. He needs to provide a bigger picture to give voters more confidence that we know where we're going."...

I suggest that Bush is still in Crawford because he only knows what he's told and any forays into "indepedent thought" have to be vetted by RoveCardHughes. I would be very surprised if the president could speak for more than a minute or two on the subject without being given a script and an hour to study it. So the idea of the President being in a position to, "...restate what we're doing over there..." is laughable.

After all, when was the last time he had a press conference (without scripted questions)? Of course this might change if he picked up just one newspaper a day.

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