Monday, April 26, 2004


Former AK Governor Tony Knowles is a fraternity brother of the President. Oh, the stories he could tell:

...``I had kind of a checkerboard career; I'm sure your researchers will figure it out,'' Mr. Knowles said, explaining that he started at Yale before Mr. Bush, was kicked out (he did not state a reason) and then returned to graduate alongside the future president. ``I knew him,'' Mr. Knowles said, offering a simple ``mmm-hmmm,'' when asked if they were friends.

He did not elaborate, but given DKE's reputation, the next question was obvious: Did they party together?

``Well, yeah,'' Mr. Knowles said, dragging out a long, uncomfortable pause. ``There were, uh, social activities.''

And with that, the taciturn former governor of Alaska tilted his head back, curled his right hand into a fist and lifted it to his lips, in a gesture that anyone, Democrat or Republican, who has ever attended a fraternity keg party would understand.

Inside Edition should be all over this guy with $even figures.

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