Monday, April 19, 2004

Australia's Possible Next PM is "Hip"

Labor Party Leader Mark Latham is looking to unseat Bush ally John Howard by appealing to Australia's younger folks:

"Youth of Australia, Labor's policy is bling-bling," Mark Latham, Labor Party leader, said in a radio station interview last week, according to the London Daily Telegraph. The 42-year-old left-wing politician then declared: "Bling-bling is the best policy I have had so far."


He mocked Howard's staid image, saying the 64-year-old premier, a staunch ally of George W. Bush who sent Australian troops to Iraq, had eyebrows nearly long enough for a comb-over.


After his interview, the radio station gave Latham a baseball cap and T-shirt and played a rap song that called him "Lath Daddy."

Well.....he's.....um.....possibly.....er....surely.....he's.....trying too hard.

(Sorry for the Fox News link. Unavoidable.)

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