Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Arsenal Hoping for one Trophy

I was thrilled to get a TIVO from my wife a couple of weeks ago knowing that ESPN2 would be broadcasting Champions League Soccer, featuring the Arsenal-Chelsea quarterfinal. Readers here know one of my passions is the Arsenal Football Club so I was excited to go home after work yesterday and watch the TIVO replay of the 2nd leg against the Blues. My hopes for advancement in Europe were crushed as the Gunners lost the game 2-1 and 3-2 on aggregate. And after their FA Cup exit, Arsenal only have a chance for one trophy this season which they'll receive if the win the Premiership. Even that's in doubt as they have a four point lead on Chelsea with a game in hand. If Chelsea win two in a row and we draw three in a row we'll be tied atop the table. This is a long way from the treble talk of just a few weeks ago. Amazingly, Arsenal have only lost one match in domestic competitions this season and none in the Premiership proper. Manager Arsene Wenger will have much work to do in rebuilding the confidence of his team. And their supporters.

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