Friday, March 26, 2004

Well, They do make good beer

The violinists for the Beethoven Orchestra are going to court to try and get their wages increased. The reason is that the string players believe they should be paid by the note. Because symphonies, particularly pieces by Ludwig Van, feature much more string involvement than woodwinds the strings feel they should be compensated accordingly. The response from the other members of the German symphony seems to be an apt one, considering the violinists' request: Are you kidding me?

Based on this rationale I have an excellent chance for a raise. I fax many more documents than any of my colleagues. In fact, I've measured it, and I fax 23% more than people at the same level as me. Using the "Violinist Rationale" I should be getting 23% more than my co-workers. Plus an extra 7% for paper cuts.

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