Monday, March 29, 2004

Uncle Horn Head on the Wheels of Steel

At the Berklee School of Music you can take a class on learning to be a DJ. No, I'm not talking about working a Junior High dance and playing "Open Arms" by Journey, I'm talking about "scratching", "scribbling" or "stabbing" like the late Jam Master Jay or Spinderella from Salt n' Pepa:

The DJ is the foundation of hip-hop, the urban music and culture that exploded out of New York City after someone decided to say a few words over the sound combinations of a Bronx DJ named Kool Herc.

Scratching, or moving a record rhythmically forward and backward with the needle still in the groove, is the core skill of turntable artists.

"Hip-hop has been around for, what, 25 years now?" Webber said. "Deejaying is one of the main core expressions of hip-hop. Part of our mission is to represent the major musical movements of the day, and one could certainly argue that hip-hop is one of the most influential cultures in the history of the world."

If I have another kid, his or her nickname is going to be Kool Herc.

UPDATE: Peace out.

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