Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This is Horrifying

Another great website for information on media and coverage of domestic and international events is MediaChannel.org. The proprietor, Danny Schecter, is a world renowned media specialist and publishes a blog daily. He has written the book, Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception: How the Media Failed to Cover the War in Iraq. Today's blog offering relates a story from veteran journalist John Pilger that makes my stomach turn:

Veteran Journalist John Pilger was in Sydney Australia speaking to an anti-war rally; he was talking about one impact of the US invasion in Iraq about which our media is not. According to his investigation:

"More than 1,000 children are killed or injured in Iraq every month by exploding cluster bombs, left by the Americans and the British. According to the Uranium Medical Research Centre, the main cities of Iraq are poisoned with radiation from uranium-tipped shells and missiles, fired by the Americans and the British.

…Indeed, so contaminated are sections of Baghdad and Basra that coalition troops are not allowed to go anywhere near where their own shells have fallen – streets where children play, oblivious to the danger. In one report, Iraq is described as a `silent Hiroshima.' What this means is that the people of Iraq, and the occupying soldiers, perhaps including Australians, are left to get sick, many of them fatally. Listen to the American soldiers and their families who are now speaking out. Untold thousands of them have gone home sick, or deeply disturbed. Many have committed suicide."

He also has a column today in the Long Island Newsday detailing the rise in political invective from Howard Stern against the Bush Administration after Clear Channel dumped him from their stations.

This is the type of information Mr. Schechter offers everyday. Go take a look.

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