Wednesday, March 03, 2004

St. Joes 27-0

What an amazing season. I heard Jay Bilas talking on ESPN last night about how St. Joes stacks up against the other undefeated teams of the past (I think there are 8) and I agree the Hawks are probably 9th at this point. But he failed to mention that players on those teams; Jabbar (nee Alcindor), Walton & the like are LEGENDS of the game and went on to very distinguished pro careers. The passage of time gives them an aura of reverence that may or may not be warranted. Regardless, even though the Hawks were outrebounded in nearly every game this season, I think they can do some damage in the tournament. Even more damage if they lose in the A-10 tourney @ Dayton (who beat them in the final last year.) Here's a little Phiily 'flava' on the game last night.

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