Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Phillies Broadcasters Tussle

In the upcoming issue of Philadelphia Magazine we'll get to hear about the sordid side of life in the Phillies broadcast booth:

• That only a few months before he died late in the 1997 season, Phillies icon Rich Ashburn had come to believe that Wheeler was trying to undermine him to new club president Dave Montgomery and warned Kalas that Wheeler no longer could be trusted.

• That Wheeler used to field calls on the road from women who were trying to meet Kalas. After the broadcaster confessed his infidelities to his wife in 1998, Eileen Kalas said, "The party was over and Chris didn't like that."

• That broadcaster Scott Graham last year told Wheeler he'd "punch him out" if he didn't stop bad-mouthing Kalas.

The Phillies' game yesterday against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in St. Petersburg was not aired on radio or TV. When reached yesterday, Wheeler and Kalas had no comment.

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