Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The only thing he does like Clinton

It turns out the President is having guests in the White House, including campaign contributors in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Where is the outrage? I seem to remember when Clinton/Gore did this there was major media coverage and GOP pols screaming for investigations. It doesn't look as though the shoe will ever get to the other foot.

But if it does, you can read about the bob n' weave here.

sample questions/interactions from the daily press gaggle
Scott, Can I have a follow up?
Scott, You didn't answer my question.
Scott, You're saying that the president will spend more than one hour with the Chair and Vice Chair?
Scott, that doesn't answer my question.
Scott, perhaps I should rephrase it...

If you have the time go to the Press Briefing web site. It's amazing how Scott McClellan can stick to the talking points when the media smells blood in the water. Although it probably just seems worse (from the Administration's perspective) when you read it.

Kind of like Dan Dierdorf on Monday Night Football with the Closed Captioning turned on.

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