Monday, March 29, 2004

One of the Things I Love about Philadelphia

WXPN is an institution in this city. The music they play paves the way for new artists who eventually go mainsteam (Norah Jones, John Maier & Five For Fighting) and for artists who are just happy to play and not have to deal with the big record labels (Jonatha Brooke, Erin McKewon & Phil Roy.) The station plays an unbelievably eclectic mix of singer/songwriters with some rock favorites, folk, reggae and blues thrown in. They are a public radio station that is member supported which means they are not beholden to the record companies or a play list foisted upon them. Perhaps you live in a town that carries the syndicated radio program, World Cafe featuring music and interviews by David Record Dye (his real middle name!), this is what we're fortunate enough to have all the time in Philly.

In the fall, WXPN is moving locations to accomodate their growth (and huge CD library.) If you've ever listened to the station I encourage you to lend your support to this endeavor. If you've never listened to this station, head over to www.xpn.org and listen to the streaming broadcast. You will be in good company, they have listeners who pledge support from all over the world.

It's diificult to find pure entertainment options these days and we're all lucky to have this radio station to enjoy.

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