Friday, March 12, 2004

North Maine Woods

It 's 4:30am on Friday morning, baby L didn't sleep so good last night. I'm jumping on the grenade now and letting C get some rest. L and I are watching infomercials (can't find remote). We just were pitched the $859 knife set for 3 EASY payments of $13.99. That total comes to only $41.97 so they're not making any money, unless the knives are of INFERIOR QUALITY. But that would never happen...

Very light posting this weekend as I am heading to Maine to visit friends (and their kids, the origins of UHH.) I hope to find some wireless ports along the way. Although, I'm not sure ME even has electricity so we may be SOL.

Things I'll be checking on this weekend:

-Arsenal traveling to Blackburn, where the Gunners lost last season. I think the majic number for clinching the premiership is only four or five games

-Hoping Kerry still refuses to apologize for his "crooked & liar" comments about the Bush Administration. Denny Hastert has already come out with the "holier than thou" presser. Hypocrite!

-NCAA Selection Sunday will bring March Madness and after a champ is crowned, MLB Opening Day will be here. The green grass....day games.......unnaturally bulging biceps

-Which brings us to their problem: I really hope the MLBPA comes to there senses and allows SERIOUS testing before they get regulated like a bad policy.

-Finally, I've been over two weeks without a smoke and I will undoubtedly be tilting a fine New England lager or two. We'll see how my new found discipline hold up...

Have a great weekend!

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