Friday, March 05, 2004

Kucinich Steps to the Plate

Berry's World raises an interesting point with a comparison of the Bush Campaign's ad showing a fleeting 9/11 image and a Dennis Kucinich ad currently running:

"The ad flashes a series of names of soldiers who have been killed in the Iraq war, and says that, basically, we invaded for Haliburton, Bechtel, and numerous other companies who found themselves in the awkward position of reaping millions and millions and millions of dollars from the war after being very, very, very financially friendly to the sitting President and Vice President."

Berry's post has several vulgar responses from right leaning websites to Kunicich's ad.

But if you think about it, that is the ONLY time we've seen body bags come back from Iraq. Bush/Rove blacked out the media coverage of our killed soldiers coming back to Dover AFB. Why is that? Politically inconvenient? Send the wrong message?

Why can't the President go to JUST ONE funeral of a fallen Iraqi soldier?

You could accuse Kucinich of poor taste, but that's all. You could also argue with documentation that Kucunich is 100% correct.

Woodward said it during the evening of Super Tuesday on CNN. Our President has done more to unite democrats than anyone in the last 40 years (I'll give some credit to Dean too.)

It seems that when the Dems play the same game as the GOP, the right cries foul. Guess what?

There's plenty more where that comes from.

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