Monday, June 06, 2005

iPod Envelope of Love

Mrs. Horns has been busy...

My wife's past affiliation with the renaissance Faire may have something to do with her new hobby knitting chain mail. She made this rockin' iPod "cozy" for me last week. It's a little heavy, but it has enough space on top for the headphones/iTrip/iTalk and a space on the bottom for car charging. However, it doesn't fit into the charging cradle or my JBL speaker set up while wrapped in it's steel. We haven't taken a sword, lance or mace to it yet...

She's only just begun experimenting with the art and is currently working on a Foster's "Oil Can" cozy. Will share other creations as they materialize.

UPDATE: Though Mrs. Horns was previously involved with the renaissance Faire, her knowledge of knitting chain mail came from her time as a costume designer with the Fort Worth Opera. Uncle Horns regrets the error and still hopes to see the chain mail undergarments at some point soon.

UPDATE2: O.K. This is Mrs.Horns 2nd appearance on the blog. The first time I hijacked the weblog without permission, this time I asked.

Let me share a few things. The first is there is a reason I don't have my own internet journal. So, that being left obscure.....

I made the cozy as an artistic expression of a situational juxtaposition of an ironic statement........ OH PLEASE A fun toy

Mrs Horns is going through a midlife crisis. Those of you who are regulars know the breathtaking crap (pardon my Anglo-Saxon)Uncle Horns has supported me through in the last few.

So in a classic ADHD (yes, don't go there. I was diagnosed 35 years ago by a professional under the former codes and initials. Skinner Rocks!)impulse I contacted the local chainmail dude (yes, you probably have one too) to reteach me the skill I learned in college from the Society for Creative anachronism dude at St.Mary's College of Maryland, Sean Eustis. (I was the costume designer for Richard III. The chainmail, leather and helmets looked cool so don't start. If we did it "Period" it would be in modern dress and don't start there either. Think about it first)
So, now that I've hacked off ...let's see Apple, The Folger,Anglo-Saxons, anyone trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (and not just you descrete trial people, the rest of us, too), the SCA, Midlife chicks oops people against the use of chic.....O.K. Now you see the reason I don't have my own Internet journal.

Gosh, this is beginning to look like a Joyce novel without the ..well, content.

The I-pod cozy shown is made from galvanized steel rings. 1/2" across and a thickness of about 1/16" according to my sewing machine marks. The pattern is made from putting 4 rings on 1 base ring. There are sites out there to teach you how to knit mail and that sell rings and supplies. I used 2 pliers and 1 1/2 lbs of rings. The design is my own.

When Uncle Horns told me the traffic generated and the number of direct E-Mails received (not to mention some of the interesting links) I went to my chainmail dude/ ring supplier and told him about the requests for "envelopes" (envelope of love is what I call the warm bath towel togas I wrap the boys in apres bath)

My ring supplier makes full big stuff like coifs, shirts, and horse thingys. He does all sorts of cool other helmets and shields and stuff not of chainmail but awesome. (And I ain't just whistln' Planxty Irwin. Mrs. Horns paid for her fancy edumacation with money from her years doing RenFaire circuit performing, busking,and selling fancy moccasins she seen a lot of stuff made of metal, rabbit fur, and velvet) Great now I hacked off them that raised me when I ran away to the renaissance(as my proud Daddy used to say)

Sorry back to subject.

My Chainmail dude said let's make them if folks want them. He and I sat down and designed a base model and discussed upgrades and special orders. We hooked up with an established brick and mortar store. A web page for "The Chainmail Cozy" is to follow.

"The Chainmail Cozy" is now available for sale. "The Chainmail Cozy" we are selling first is $25 dollars plus actual shipping. It is made from 1/2" 16 gage Bright Aluminum and Black Neoprene rings(lighter,scratch deterring, looks cool) The click wheel is accessible. Hangs from your belt.

You can also order a bright aluminum "Chainmail Cozy" with the same specs above sans neoprene and sized a touch bigger to fit over your own protector.
We'll line it with a thin leather for $5 more

A removable shoulder strap can be added for $10 dollars more

"The Chainmail Cozy" can be made as a special order with, galvanized steel, stainless steel, steel, anodized aluminum in colors, bright aluminum, brass, titanium, Anodized Titanium in subtle colors, or if you have riches to burn.. Fine Silver, Niobium, Anodized Niobium in really bright, shiny colors.

The store we are working with is The Rogues Den.
Orders and payment will go through them.

If you need one right away before we get a web page up and are ready to order:

Orders can be made by credit card by calling 302-798-1390
M-Th 10-9 F-Sa 10-11 Su 12-9 all EST
Tell them you want "The Chainmail Cozy" and specify
Galvanized and Neoprene or all Galvanized and any add ons.

Money orders and Checks(72 hr hold to clear) can be mailed to
Rogues Den 2710 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, Delaware 19703 USA

At this time email me at sonoratboyATmsnDOTcom for inquiries about other designs or to discuss special orders. If you don't want to call long distance you can send me your order and I'll call them.

The beginning of July I'll answer email every other day.

My sisters, brothers, husband and I will be taking Daddy's and my beloved Step-mother Joan's ashes to Northern Ireland for the most awesome Craic seen on the island since Daddy spent a drunken weekend in the late seventies with British army officers recreating the war of 1812 with a game that didn't require a computer. (I wish I had a camera. What they did to my grow-up Skipper was noteworthy)

Damn, now I hacked off Mattel......and the British Army

Hmmmmm. No, I won't go there

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